Diocesan Audited Financial Statements

The Diocese of Belleville enlists the services of an outside accounting firm to perform annual audits on various funds of the diocese.  A summary of the results of these audits can be found pdf here (480 KB) .  The actual audit reports can be found below.

Fiscal Year Ended February 28, 2016

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2016

Fiscal Year Ended February 28, 2017

Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2017

 Fiscal Year Ended February 28, 2018

Finance Contact

The Chancery
222 South Third Street
Belleville, IL  62220-1985
FAX:  (618) 722-5019

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Michael Gibbons
(618) 722-5011


Mr. David Waeltz
(618) 722-5008

Finance Office Staff

Mrs. Elaine Nastoff
(618) 722-5014

Ms. Mary Huelsmann
(618) 722-5013

Mrs. Kathleen Hunt
(618) 722-5012


Temporal Affairs Calendar