Immigrants bring special feast of St. Francis of Assisi to Diocese

“It is a great thing, especially because the children are involved,” he says. “We want to teach children to help keep these traditions alive, while learning more about our faith.”

At St. Augustine of Hippo, church, PSR, parents support one another

Together, “We’re family – a church family,” says Eleanor Gregory, coordinator of religious education for the East St. Louis parish. She’s been a part of St. Augustine PSR for 35 years, and has taught generations of parishioners.

Heaven’s Babies offers support to families grieving miscarriage

“It’s not always handled well emotionally, by medical personnel or clergy,” York says. “We know that hospitals will take care of you physically, and then they may send you home. But nobody tells you how you can contact the funeral home, if you want a burial.”

Diocesan priests witness impact of immigration debate at border

But a diocesan priest who visited the troubled region last week says the struggle is as near as Pulaski County, where a few hundred illegal immigrants are being held in a Department of Homeland Security detention center.