Messenger Article on Deacon Formation Board

On June 20, 2013,
The Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton,
appointed (or reappointed) members to the Deacon Formation Board,
based on the recommendation of
The Very Reverend Eugene H. Wojcik, V.F., Director of Deacons. 

Permanent Deacons have made, and continue to make, important contributions to the work of the Church in the Diocese of Belleville. During the past eight years, Bishop Braxton has made Deacon Candidate selection and formation a high priority. He personally meets with them quarterly throughout their program to oversee their formation.  The Bishop’s appointments are for a period of five years and are effective July 1, 2013.

Those Board members reappointed are the Reverend Kenneth J. York, Deacon Robert J. Lanter, Deacon Ronald Karcher, and Ms. Sue Huett.

Those Board members newly appointed are the Reverend Monsignor William P. McGhee, Reverend Robert J. Zwilling, Reverend Nicholas G. Junker, Sister Carol Karnitsky, SSCM; Sister Mildred Gross, ASC; Deacon Arthur L.  Hampton, Deacon Steven M. Pautler, Deacon Glennon J. Netemeyer, Mrs. Robbin Netemeyer, Deacon Thomas J. Helfrich, and Mrs. Dawn Helfrich.

The Bishop sincerely thanked the members for their generosity in serving the church and the Permanent Deacons in this important capacity.