Wading Deeper 2019

We invite you to join us at Holy Family Parish in Litchfield, IL August 2-3, 2019 as we explore the Year-Round Catechumenate at Wading Deeper 2019 with the Reverend Steve Lanza.

In 2018 we considered the vision and theory of the year-round Catechumenate. In January of 2019 we explored intentional discipleship as it relates to the year-round Catechumenate. Now, in August 2019, we turn to practicalities and pastoral implementation.  Wading Deeper is designed to assist anyone involved in RCIA, whether they are team members, priest, facilitators, deacons, liturgists, musicians, catechists, or sponsors.

Click here for more information about Wading Deeper and the Year-Round Catechumenate program.