May 2016

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Office of The Bishop

Letter - Catholic Communication Campaign

Office of Development

May 2016 - Development Update
Parish Targets - April 2016

Formation Department/ Office of Education ( website )

Office of Education
Policy 4116.5 - Personnel - Teachers' Responsibilities, Code of Ethics - Child Custody
Policy 5124 - Students - Student Records

Department of Pastoral Services (Website)

Office of Worship (Website)
Resources for Jubilee of Mercy
RCIA Seminar Wading Deeper 2016
- Space is limited.

Office of Hispanic Ministry (Website)
Diocesan Hispanic Youth Day Reminder
Flyer about Hispanic Youth Day (June 4)

Prison Ministry (Website)

Respect Life Ministry (Website)

The Messenger (Website) (Facebook)

Committee on Marriage Preparation (Website)
PREPARE/ENRICH Blog – Building Strong Marriages

Natural Family Planning (Website) (Facebook)

Office of Ministry to Sick & Aged
Ministry to Sick & Aged; High School Youth Ministry - Please forward to Youth Ministry Leadership