6154 Policy Homework –School work done at Home

 Diocesan Board of Education
Diocese of

Policy 6154



Homework –School work done at Home

The purpose of assigning homework for pupils in our Catholic school shall be to reinforce student confidence in abilities and used to practice for understanding.

Homework is:

  1. used sparingly, assigned strategically after it is carefully thought out and connected to an appropriate learning standard.
  2. reviewed immediately the next class day after assigning when it is due.
  3. brief with students having the opportunity to complete it within the school day.

Homework is not:

  1. assigned as a punishment
  2. assigned when any test is scheduled for the subject the following day.
  3. used to introduce new material to the students.
  4. used merely to keep the students busy.
  5. to influence or count toward quarterly or semester grades.

Adopted:          May 9, 1996

Revised:           March 20, 2018

The Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton
Bishop of Belleville