6162.3 Regulation

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Regulation 6162.3


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Helping Teachers –  Volunteer Rights Responsibilities/Field Trip Rules

Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

As a volunteer you have the right to:

  1. be welcomed as a valued member of the community;
  2. be assigned to a volunteer area where you feel comfortable and confident;
  3. the respect of our community;
  4. receive necessary information and orientation;
  5. have your questions answered clearly and promptly;
  6. make suggestions to the professional staff;
  7. volunteer as long as you and the administration agree.

As a volunteer, you are responsible for:

  1. arriving on time and staying for the agreed upon time;
  2. notifying the appropriate persons if you age going to be absent or tardy;
  3. performing your tasks to the best of your ability;
  4. understanding that the administrator values your service, but not always be able to honor your preferences for days, times and places of service;
  5. keeping young people under your supervision safe and appropriately occupied;
  6. notifying your supervisor or the administration about unsafe conditions or issues causing you concern;
  7. supporting the teachings of the Catholic Church and living in accordance with those teachings;
  8. supporting the authority of teachers, staff and administrators;
  9. upholding school and/or program rules;
  10. keeping confidential information that you have gained during your volunteer service that is private to students and/or their families;
  11. promptly making known the confidences of young persons that involve issues of health, life and/or safety.

Field Trip Rules for Volunteers/Chaperones

  1. All school/program rules are in force, unless the administrator has explicitly stated otherwise.
  2. Volunteers/chaperones are to stay with their assigned groups.
  3. Supervision is both mental and physical.  Be sure that your attention is always on the young people you have been assigned to supervise. For this reason, no chaperone is allowed to bring other children with them regardless of age or relationship.
  4. If your own child is on the trip, he or she must not be treated any differently than any other child.
  5. We hope you enjoy the outing, but we are grateful for your remembering that your first responsibility is student safety.
  6. (Add your own rules here)

~Mary Angela Shaughnessy, SCN, J.D., Ph.D.

Approved:            May 15, 2007

Office of Education
Diocese of Belleville