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Regulation 6143


Curriculum for Adolescent Catechesis

Adolescent Catechesis must offer a wide variety of methods, relationships and experiences. The core

beliefs of the Catholic faith must be presented in a thorough manner which reveals the relationship of revelation and natural law; Scripture and Tradition. Recognizing that faith is Acaught@ more that taught, the faith formation  of the catechist or teacher is of great importance. An effective curriculum  for adolescent catechesis will include opportunities to experience the wider faith community.

Catechesis is significantly broader than religious instruction. Within all Catholic schools, the Principal is the spiritual leader (see NCEA Monograph Series). In schools with a Campus Minister, he/she cooperates and assists the Principal in the creation, development and maintenance of catechesis within the school.

This transmission of Catholic essentials may occur within a gathered or non-gathered program; it may be a youth only, family or cross-generational parish setting.

The desired outcomes for adolescent catechesis are located within the recommended outcomes for catechesis in the Diocese of Belleville;  Sowing the Seeds of Faith.  The hierarchy of truths in the Catholic tradition should adolescent catechesis.

Adopted:           May 15, 1979

Revised:           December 11, 2003

Diocesan  Board of Education
Diocese  of

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