5143 Regulation

 Diocesan Board of Education
Diocese of

Regulation 5143



A parent and/or guardian shall enroll their child/children in either the student insurance plan offered through the school or the parent and/or guardian shall sign a waiver form stating that their child/children is/are already enrolled in a comprehensive accident and/or health insurance plan.  The waiver form shall also state that the parent and/or guardian will not hold the school responsible for any medical expenses incurred while their child/children is/are involved in any school-sponsored activity.   (A sample/waiver form may be obtained from the Office of Education.)

Any student whose parent and/or guardian refuses to provide insurance or sign a waiver form shall not be admitted to the school.  If a family is not able to afford insurance, the school shall assist the parent in enrolling the student/s in a student insurance plan offered through the school.

Approved:       June 24, 1986

Revised:           July 1, 2002