5141.1 Regulation

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Regulation 5141.1



  1. Only those medications which are necessary to maintain the student in school and must be given during school hours shall be administered.
  2. A program for administration of medications to children in schools must be developed and managed by a certified school nurse.
    1. Each dose of medication shall be documented in the student's individual health record. Documentation shall include date, time, dosage, route and the signature of the person administering the medication or supervising the child in self-administration.  In the event a dosage is not administered as ordered, the reasons, therefore, shall be entered in the record.
    2. The certified school nurse may, in conjunction with a licensed prescriber and parent(s)/guardian, identify circumstances in which a student may self-administer    medication.
    3. Effectiveness and side effects shall be assessed with each administration and documented as necessary in the student's individual health record.  Documentation of effects for long-term medications should be summarized at least quarterly or more frequently as determined by the certified school nurse.
    4. A procedure shall be established for written feedback to the licenses prescriber and the parent(s)/guardian at scheduled appropriate intervals for long-term medication or as requested by the licensed prescriber.
    5. All permission for long-term medication shall be renewed at least annually.  Changes in medication shall have written authorization from the licensed prescriber.
  3. All medications, including non-prescription drugs, given in school shall be prescribed by a licensed prescriber on an individual basis as determined by the student's health status.  This excludes standing orders.
    1. A written order for prescription and non-prescription medications must be obtained from the student's licensed prescriber.  The order includes:

      Child's Name

      Licensed Prescriber and Signature




      Date of Birth

      Licensed Prescriber

      Date of Prescription                                       




      Name of Medication

      • ·         dosage
      • ·         route of administration
      • ·         frequency & time of administration

      Other Medications Child is Receiving         


      Date of Order

      Diagnosis Requiring Medication Discontinuation Date

      Intended Effect of the Medication

      Time Interval for Re-evaluation


    2. Medication must be brought to the school in the original package or an appropriately labeled container.

      1. Prescription medications shall display

        • Child's Name
        • Prescription Number
        • Medication Name/Dosage
        • Administration Route and/or other direction
        • Date and Refill
        • Licensed Prescriber's Name
        • Pharmacy Name, Address and Phone Number
        • Name or Initials of Pharmacist
        • Over the Counter Medication (OTC)

      2. OTC (non-prescription) medications shall be brought in with the manufacturer's original label with the ingredients listed and the student's name affixed to the container.

  4. In addition to the licensed prescriber's order, a written request shall be obtained from the parent(s)/guardian requesting the medication be given during school hours.  The request must include the parent(s)/guardian's name and phone number in case of emergency.  It is the parent(s)/guardian's responsibility to assure that the licensed prescriber order, written request and medications are brought to the school.
  5. Medications must be stored in a separate locked drawer or cabinet.  Medications requiring refrigeration should be refrigerated in a secure area.
  6. The parent(s)/guardian will be responsible at the end of the treatment regime for removing from the school any unused medication which was prescribed for their child.  If the parent(s)/guardian do(es) not pick up the medication by the end of the school year, the certified school nurse will dispose of and document that medications were discarded.  Medications will be discarded in the presence of a witness.


Approved:     May 12, 2015

Office of Education
Diocese of Belleville 

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