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Regulation 5125


Student Records

The following are the procedures that should be followed regarding student records in the Diocese of


Student Records

Student records contain any written or recorded information on a student by a school.  Student records include permanent and temporary records.

Permanent Record

Each pupil is to have a Permanent Record folder in the local school file. These Permanent Record forms are obtained from the Office of Education. Information contained in the Permanent Record form shall be treated as confidential matter and shall be accessible only to the professional staff of the school or the parents of the child.

The Permanent Record folder contain only:

  1. Student's name, birth date and place, parent's names and addresses;
  2. Academic record, intelligence, aptitude test scores, achievement test score labels, and grade level achieved;
  3. Attendance record;
  4. Social Security Number;
  5. Health records and accident reports;
  6. Record of release of permanent record information.

These records shall be maintained for not less than 60 years after the student has transferred or graduated from the school. In the Diocese of Belleville, these permanent records are kept in the Office of Education permanently.

Temporary Record

The Temporary Record folder contains:

  • Teacher anecdotal records (destroyed at the end of the school year);
  • Notes from parents (destroyed at the end of the school year);
  • Reports of psychological evaluations, including information on intelligence, personality and academic information obtained through test administration, observation, or interviews;
  • Participation in extracurricular activities, including any offices held in school-sponsored clubs or organizations;
  • Honors and awards received;
  • Other disciplinary information;
  • Secial education files, including the report of the multi-disciplinary staffing on which placement or non-placement was based.

These additional records and reports shall be reviewed annually and only maintained if the information is viewed as relevant and important. Temporary records are to be destroyed when the child leaves the school.

 Keeping of Records

When students graduate from a Catholic elementary school the permanent record folder, which includes health records and daily attendance records of these students are sent to the Office of Education to be stored electronically. The original records will then be returned to the school and must be maintained in the school for four years or longer.

Parental and Student Access

  1. Parents or representative designated by parents and students have the right to inspect and copy all permanent records.
  2. Requests to inspect and/or copy school records must be granted within a reasonable time. (Schools may charge a reasonable fee for copying records.)

Release of Records

School records or information contained therein may not be released or disclosed to unauthorized persons. They may be released to the following:

  1. Parents, students, or representatives designated by a written consent of the parents.
  2. Office of Education
  3. Any person as specifically required by law, provided the person presents appropriate identification and a copy of the statute authorizing such access.
  4. Appropriate persons, in case of emergency, if the information is necessary to protect the health and/or the safety of the student or other persons provided that the parents are notified as soon as possible of such releases.
  5. The courts, in response to a court order.
  6. Official representatives of a school to which the student is transferring, on request of either the student or the parent. Parents may examine and challenge content prior to release.

Procedure for compliance with the Missing Children Records Act.

Upon notification by the Illinois State Police of a child’s disappearance, the school in which the child is currently or was previously enrolled must flag the record of the child in such a manner that whenever a copy of information regarding the record is requested, the school is alerted that the record is that of a missing person.  “Missing person” in this context means a person 17 years old or younger reported to any law enforcement authority as abducted or a runaway.

The school must immediately report to the State Police any request concerning flagged records or knowledge as to the whereabouts of any missing person. Upon notification by the State Police the missing person has been recovered, the school must remove the flag from the student’s record.

Release of Records When There is an Outstanding Balance

  1. When a student transfers from your school to another Catholic or public school and has an outstanding balance an unofficial record of student grades must be sent to the requesting school.  An “Unofficial Record of Student Grades” means written information relative to the grade levels and subjects in which a student was enrolled and the record of academic grades achieved by that student prior transfer. Such records shall also include the name and address of the school, the name of the student to whom the records pertain, the name and title of the school official transmitting the records, and the date of transmittal.  Health records cannot be withheld and must be forwarded upon receipt of a written request.

Enclose the following statement with each release of permanent records:



Section 438 (b) (4) (B) of the U.S. Public Law 93-380 requires that the enclosed personal PUPIL RECORD information be transferred to you only on condition that you will not permit any other party to have access to it without the written consent of a parent, legal guardian or eligible student.

Keep written records of access to or the release of, any information in the student record. Such records would include:  all consent forms, the name and position of the person requesting the information as well as the purpose, and the date and name of the person releasing the records.


  1. Parents may challenge the accuracy and relevance of the information in the student record, exclusive of academic grades. Parents may add a written statement explaining their position regarding any disputed material.  This statement becomes a part of the student record.
  2. Each school shall establish administrative procedures for parents to challenge the contents of student records, including the initial procedures for an informal conference with parents.

Student Transfer Records

Refer to Diocesan Policy and Regulation 5119.

Approved:       June 1, 2006

Revised:          March 21, 2016

Office of Education
Diocese of Belleville