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Regulation 5119


Student Transfers

Information Release Form

Written permission from a parent or guardian must be given before information can be sent to another school regarding a student.  It is recommended that at the beginning of the school year the Information Release Form should be used by all parents or guardians for the necessary transactions of confidential materials.  These materials include the permanent record, the attendance record, and the health record, or any other records confidentially placed in the student's file.  These forms should be kept on file during the school year.

Record of Transferred Student

A Record of Transferred Student form must be filled out and retained whenever a student transfers to another Catholic or public school.  This form is to be kept on file permanently in the school from where the student transfers.

The Record of Transferred Student form shall be placed in the appropriate class file and is moved with the other  permanent  records  of  that  class  each  year  until  graduation.    At  graduation,  the  Record  of Transferred Student form is sent to the Office of Education for microfilming/scanning, along with the other permanent records.

Transferring Student Records When There is an Outstanding Balance

When a student transfers from your school to another Catholic or public school and has an outstanding balance an unofficial record of student grades must be sent to the requesting school.   An “Unofficial Record of Student Grades” means written information relative to the grade levels and subjects in which a student was enrolled and the record of academic grades achieved by that student prior to transfer.  Such records shall also include the name and address of the school, the name of the student to whom the records pertain, the name and title of the school official transmitting the records, and the date of transmittal.

Student Transfers

If a student transfers from one Catholic elementary school in the diocese to another, the following records are sent to the school where the child will be attending:

  1. Permanent Record
  2. Attendance Record
  3. Health Record

If a child is transferred to a public school or parochial school outside the diocese   COPIES of the following records are sent to the school where the child will be attending:

  1. Permanent Record
  2. Attendance Record

The  original health record should be forwarded to the new school and a copy retained in the school along with the Record of Transferred Student form.

Graduate Transfer

The Graduate Transfer form is completed for each student entering high school the following academic year.  This transfer form, if desired or requested, is sent to the Catholic or public high school where the student will transfer. This should be done immediately following the January grading period.

Approved:       December 20, 2010

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