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Policy 5115


Investigative Procedures

The administration of the School is free to enter a student’s locker, desk and school bag any time to search for questionable items.  Students shall not have any expectation of privacy as it relates to school lockers, school bags or desks.  The school is owner of all lockers and desks and shall retain full control of their use and content.  Therefore the school reserves the right to search them at any time without notice.  Searches may also be selective and carried out even if there are no reports of wrongdoing.  If illegal or improper items are found in a student’s locker, desk or school bag (e.g. non-prescription drugs, weapons, stolen property), they will be turned over to law enforcement authorities.  Any items (personal possessions) that violate school rules will be kept by school administration and returned to the parents.

The school also reserves the right to search a student’s vehicle when it is on school grounds and/or when attending a school sponsored function off school grounds.

However, when a situation arises that requires a search of a student; a student will be asked to empty his/her pockets or purse.  If a student voluntarily empties his/her pockets and or purse, this will not be considered an invasion of the person.  Body searches will not take place.  If a student does not voluntarily comply with the administrator’s request, the student’s parent will be called and expected to come to the school and conduct the search in the presence of a school administrator.  A parents’ refusal to comply with the request is grounds for immediate expulsion.

Adopted:                      November 27, 2012

The Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton
Bishop of Belleville

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