5114.1 Policy

 Diocesan Board of Education
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Policy 5114.1


Suspension and Expulsion

Alcohol Use/Drug Abuse by Students

The use, possession, distribution or sale of mood altering chemicals, including alcohol, by students is prohibited on school property or at school-sponsored activities or events. Disciplinary action will be taken in instances of violation of this policy. This includes the misuse of medications prescribed by the student’s physician.

The Diocesan Board of Education recognizes the complexity of problems which may be associated with alcohol and drug abuse. The primary concern is for the well-being and best interests of the students.  At the same time the Board recognizes their obligation to the parents or guardians and to the community.  As a part of this obligation, it is, at times, necessary that suspension and/or expulsion be recommended in a case of alcohol or drug abuse.

A student who is suspended or expelled under this policy may seek readmission. No such student will be readmitted, however, unless there is written evidence from a certified psychologist or psychiatrist to show that the student is engaged in a counseling program designed to rid self of the abusive behavior.

Adopted:         January 24, 2000

Revised:          March 16, 2010

The Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton
Bishop of Belleville

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