5113 Regulation

 Diocesan Board of Education
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Regulation 5113


Attendance and Excuses - Elementary and Secondary

Each teacher is responsible for keeping an accurate record of the pupil's daily attendance. The absences shall be accurately recorded on the record form prescribed by the secondary school or the Office of Education for the elementary schools. The elementary school attendance forms are supplied by the Office of Education. These records of attendance are to be part of the individual pupil's file.

Students who are excused for medical reasons during school hours, either for doctor or dental appointments, should have a written notice stating the time of the appointment.  When a student has a written excuse for medical reasons it is still counted as an absence.

No principal or teacher shall permit a student to leave the school before the time for dismissal without a written request from the parent or guardian. The request should state the reason for dismissal.

Students should never be sent home for homework or books or sent on errands during school hours.

Approved:       May 27, 1998

Revised:           November 11, 2009

Office of Education
Diocese of Belleville

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