4117 Regulation

 Diocesan Board of Education
Diocese of

Regulation 4117


Teacher Evaluation

Teachers will be evaluated once a semester or twice a year by the principal.  This evaluation process will include  consultation,  observation  and  documentation  in  accordance  with  the  Diocesan  Office  of Education guidelines.

  1. Two formal evaluations shall be conducted for all teachers with less than five years experience.
  2. Teachers with more than four years experience shall have one formal evaluation, and at least one informal evaluation each year.
  3. After each formal evaluation, a post conference is to be held with the teacher.
  4. When a new principal is hired, ALL TEACHERS, regardless of experience, shall be formally evaluated twice a year for three years.
  5. YEAR-END EVALUATION FORM (TE-Year End2) is to be completed on all teachers and a copy sent to the Office of Education by April 15. All other evaluations are to remain in the local school office.  Each teacher is to receive a copy of his/her evaluations.

Approved:       July 1, 1994

Revised:           May 23, 2002

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