4119.4 Policy

 Diocesan Board of Education
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Policy 4119.4


Staff Reduction

It is the directive of the Diocesan Board of Education that all Catholic elementary schools and high schools in the Diocese have a written policy concerning the retaining of faculty members when there is a shift in enrollment.

It is suggested that the following criteria be adhered to in this order:

  1. Illinois state teacher license in the grade level/subject is needed.  When Illinois state teacher license is not available the appropriate educational degree in the applicable field is needed.
  2. Teaching abilities -- as determined by the principal through an evaluation process as outlined by diocesan procedures, as stated in the Principal's Handbook.
  3. Subject area/s and grade level in which teacher/s are needed and teacher/s experience in subject and grade area.
  4. Evidence of on-going participation in Catechist Certification.
  5. Evidence of continued professional growth -- advanced degrees and on-going educational workshops, seminars and conferences.
  6. Number of years taught at the school.
  7. Teaching experience.

Adopted:                     May 8, 1993

Revised:                      May 15, 2012 

The Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton
Bishop of Belleville