4116.2 Regulation

 Diocesan Board of Education
Diocese of

Regulation 4116.2



Responsibilities, Duties, Code of Ethics –  Racial Harassment

Any employee or student who believes he or she has been subjected to racial harassment, or has witnessed such misconduct must report the incident to the appropriate supervisory individual and appropriate action will be taken.

Each school/parish school of religion program shall have written  procedures available for use by any individual wishing to present a racial harassment complaint. This grievance procedure shall include the following steps:

A written complaint must be submitted by the person who reported the incident.

  1. A thorough investigation must take place.
  2. Any person who is found to have engaged in racial harassment will be subject to appropriate, corrective action, depending upon the circumstances, up to and including, termination or expulsion.
  3. The person who reported the incident will be advised of the findings and action taken.

Approved:                   April 8, 1998

Revised:                      April 28, 2014

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