3240.1 Policy

 Diocesan Board of Education
Diocese of Belleville

Policy 3240.1


Tuition Fees – Parish Assessments for High School Students

The parish assessment for high school students shall be determined in the following manner:

  1. Parishes formerly in the North Central Deanery shall pay an assessment to Mater Dei Catholic High School.
  2. Parishes formerly in the Belleville/East St. Louis Deanery shall pay an assessment to Althoff Catholic High School.
  3. Parishes formerly in the West Deanery shall pay an assessment to Gibault Catholic High School .

Any exceptions to this assessment policy must be approved by the Bishop.

When a parish has students attending a Catholic High School in another Deanery they will only be assessed for the High School in the Deanery in which the parish resides.

Adopted:                     April 18, 1974

Approved:                   May 17, 2016

The Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton

Bishop of Belleville

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