2211.7 Regulation

Diocesan Board of Education
Diocese of Belleville

Regulation 2211.7


Elementary Principal - Appraisal and Evaluation

The pastor shall formally evaluate the principal once a year. The purpose of the principal appraisal by the board is to communicate to the pastor and principal the strengths and weaknesses in the principal job performance. The pastor is to use the appraisal when conducting his yearly evaluation of the principal.

The following process shall be followed for the board appraisal and pastor evaluation:

  1. The principal is responsible for distributing the overview of the Principal Appraisal to board members at the September board meeting.
  2. The principal is also responsible for distributing the official Principal Appraisal instrument to board members by February 1.
  3. Board members are to complete, sign and submit the appraisal to the pastor by February 15.
  4. The pastor, with assistance from the executive committee of the board, shall prepare a summary of the appraisal by March 1. A copy of the summary, along with the individual appraisals, should be submitted to the Office of Education by March 15.
  5. Prior to March 15, an executive board meeting shall be held with the principal to discuss the appraisal summary. Emphasis should be placed on areas of strength and areas of improvement.
  6. When board appraisals and pastor evaluation indicate that areas of the principal's job performance is poor, ineffective, or in serious need of improvement, the pastor or representative of the board shall contact the Office of Education by March 1.
  7. When the pastor evaluation indicates that the job performance of the principal is poor and there is a need for significant improvement.
    1. Normally the principal shall be notified, in writing by March 15 that his/her job performance is unsatisfactory. A meeting with the pastor, the executive committee of the board and the principal should be held, no later than April 1, to discuss areas of job performance that need to be improved.
    2. The areas that need improvement should be clearly stated.
    3. The principal shall be offered the opportunity to improve his/her job performance in those areas. The principal should be given at least six weeks to address the areas that need improvement.
    4. At the conclusion of the time designated for improvement, the pastor shall reevaluate the job performance of the principal. A summary of this second appraisal should be sent to the Diocesan Office of Education and a copy sent to the principal.
    5. The pastor, in consultation with the parish board of education and the Diocesan Office of Education, shall determine whether to renew or not renew the principal's contract.
    6. When the pastor's evaluation determines that the principal's performance has shown improvement, but not to the level desired, a probationary contract could be offered for the following year.

Approved: November 29, 1994 Revised: February 1, 2007

Office of Education Diocese of Belleville

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