2211.7 Policy

Diocesan Board of Education
Diocese of Belleville

Policy 2211.7


Elementary Principal - Evaluation

The principal will be evaluated by the Pastor.  The evaluation form will be provided by the Office of Education.

Local board members shall complete an appraisal form on the principal.  These forms are provided by the Office of Education and are to be completed and submitted to the Pastor by February 15.

The Pastor, with the assistance from the executive committee of the local board, shall prepare a summary of appraisal forms by March 1.  A copy of the summary along with the evaluation form from the Pastor are to be submitted to the Office of Education by March 15.

Prior to March 15, an executive local board meeting shall be held with the principal to discuss the summary of the evaluation and appraisal forms.

Adopted: Revised:

January 17, 1984

November 15, 2016

The Most Reverend Edward K. Braxton

Bishop of Belleville