Catholic farmers make impact on global level

“I like the idea of being involved in rural life,” said Etter. “My husband is a farmer and this is something he can be involved in, too.”

Father Lenzini remembered as ‘bright, insightful, caring’

Father Joe Trapp and Father Lenzini were close friends since the early 1960s. Father Trapp remembered Father Lenzini as a man who enjoyed life and was not shy about speaking out against injustice. “He taught me to respect people and to care about people,” Father Trapp said.

Sr. Thea Bowman School makes family involvement top priority

“We focus on modeling behavior and habits,” said Principal Dan Nickerson. “We encourage families to take an interest in what students are doing in the classroom, which leads to more student success.”

‘Praying with our Feet’

“Praying with our Feet” began as a two-hour workshop, but it wasn’t enough time, said Nash. Now, the East Side Heart and Home Family Center hosts one-day retreats that include scripture readings, movie screenings, drives around East St Louis, and facilitated group discussions with women from the writing circle.