Visiting sister parishes in Guatemala – a journey of connection

“They’d all greet us, and want to touch us. They’d want us to touch their babies. They wanted to be physically close to you.”

Consolidation of Gallatin County parishes to be completed with closures of 3 chapels

Now, in the next phase of that consolidation, the three chapels will be closed and turned over to secular use.

Camp Ondessonk’s move toward self-sustainability pays off

Kee attributes this outpouring of love for salad to the quality of the vegetables, which are grown right outside in Camp Ondessonk’s 1,600-square-foot garden. The garden, now in its fourth year, provides a steady stream of produce to the kitchen at the camp.

Catholic schools seek ways to draw more Hispanic students

“We have been encouraging principals to try to promote Catholic education within the Hispanic community, with mixed results,” she says.