Create in Me a Clean Heart

"A clean heart create for me, God."  (Ps 51:12)

We are created with a desire to love and be loved.  We long to be known, understood and accepted for who we are.  Ultimately, God alone is capable of such perfect knowledge and love.  Yet, authentic intimacy in marriage offers a glimpse of this happiness, at least in a finite way.

Pornography, in contrast, distracts us from our call to love.  When we are preoccupied with pornography, our mind and heart easily lose sight of what holds real value, including those who are close to us.  All addictions, and in particular pornography, affect our relationship with God, a relationship that rests largely on the development of trust and obedience in childhood.

Create in Me a Clean Heart (Spanish) is a pastoral response by the U.S. Bishops to pornography.

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