• Prayer for Peace in Our Communities

    Let us pray . . .

    O Lord our God, in your mercy and kindness,
    no thought of ours is left unnoticed, no desire or 
      concern ignored.  You have proven that blessings abound

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  • Catholics Care.  Catholics Vote.

    "We need to participate for the common good.  Sometimes we hear:  a good Catholic is not interested in politics.  This is not true:  good Catholics immerse themselves in politics by offering the best of themselves so that the leader can govern."

    -- Pope Francis

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  • Jubilee Year of Mercy

    How can we show others the mercy of God?  We say that God is compassionate, but we ignore those in need.  We say that God loves us and has mercy on us, but we hold grudges against our friends.  Our actions need to authentically reflect God's mercy.   

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